DRC Interactive
Interactive Design Rule Aware Environment

DRCInteractive™ is a Design Rule aware integrated circuit layout design environment. The tool analyzes the IC layout block's database during construction and advises / corrects design rule violations, maintaining the process design rule correctness.

DRCInteractive™ is an advanced design rule aware environment for mask layout database.

DRCInteractive™ is aimed for fast, accurate, and efficient design rule violation analysis and elimination during the construction of a mask layout database with ease.

DRCInteractive™ reads its own proprietary rule deck or imported industry standard run sets which describe the process design rule and constraints. Then the tool performs an on-the-fly design rule analysis of the constructed layout and advises about existing or created violations. DRCinteractive™ has the capability to correct these violations, maintaining the process's design rule accuracy.

DRCInteractive™ Compatible with UNIX and Linux platforms.

fully supports OpenAccess for future interoperability and enhancements. In order to ensure versatility, our tool fully supports OpenAccess enabling interaction with industry's standard scripting languages, providing full customization possibilities.

DRCInteractive™ - Advise Mode allowing the user to work in a non- invasive manner detecting design rule problems during the construction of a mask layout block and recommending alternative options for correction.
DRCInteractive™ - Auto Correct Mode - This mode provides correction of design rule violations in a layout block. The tool analyzes the layout block and corrects all layout topological violations, maintaining the process design rule accuracy.

 - Full geometrical and Connectivity rules support.

 - Background DRC check feature enables large blocks DRC check in parallel. User can work in interactive mode and run DRC checks in parallel on currentlother layout blocks.