During the last 15 years Silicon Service has provided services in integrated circuits domain (analog block design, circuit design, digital design, CAD/CAE development, library characterization, field application engineering and embedded system design) to a wide range of clients. The experience gained during this period makes Silicon Service company different from other similar providers both by the unique way in delivering services and the quality of services.

Please browse below all the services we provide and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

E-mail:, Tel. +40-332-402.642, mobile +40 723-605.000

Front - end

Design and Design Verification: The company has a large team of experienced engineers in UVM, System Verilog and e Specman at IP and SoC level. For futher details please visit Functional Design Verification.

Back - end

All the flow: Silicon Service provides services for RTL to GDSII, Logic Synthesis, Place & Route, STA and Verification at IP level.

Logic Synthesis is one of the earliest capabilities in Silicon Service. Over the time, experience was accumulated through different synthesis tools.

Place and Route experience with different package tools includes signal integrity checks like voltage drop, electromigation or crossTalk.

Analog and Circuit Design

Migration of analog blocks, Full Custom Layout and Physical Verification for both Analog and Digital flow

  • Analog Block Design
Analog blocks that Silicon Service can build include ADC/DAC, Amplifiers, Drivers, Buffers, Reference circuits, Voltage doublers or multipliers, Voltage regulators, Filters, PLL or DLL, special purpose I/O cells, special purpose analog cells, down to 90nm.

Some of the analog blocks we have developed:
  • 8 bit DAC cell on TSMC 0.13;
  • PLL with 100MHz output;
  • Variable gain amplifier with gain from -6 to 42 dB in a 6dB step;
  • Band Gap reference cell with 0.7±2% V;
  • External Line driver with limiting current;
  • Power on reset cell on 3.3V and 1.8 V supply;
  • Low drop-out voltage regulator with various current capabilities;
  • Security cell for protecting the chip against outside attack;

  • Circuit Design
Full custom I/O cells development is also part of Silicon Service expertise and it includes regular I/O's (input/output/bidirectional, with or without trigger-Schmitt, controllable slew-rate, open drain outputs and others), LVDS transmitter and receiver, crystal oscillator pads and others, down to 22nm.
Silicon Service can also provide design revision for I/O cells and Standard Cells.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Web development
  • Network Services
  • Embedded Systems
  • RFID-based systems
  • EDA tools:
    • - Place & Route algorithms
    • - DRC/LVS checks
    • - Technology specific software modules

Our area of activity includes design (schematic/layout), implementation of PCB prototype, software for microcontrollers (Atmel, ST Microelectronics, Microchip, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Intel and many others) and testing in real conditions.

The portfolio includes different LCD drivers (alphanumeric, graphic, analog/digital touch-pads), development boards and signal processing algorithms (anti-mask, pet detecting, shock detecting) for a various set of motion detectors (infrared, pyroelectric, microwave, etc), extension boards for various microcontrollers.

We are developing our own patent pending product - flow-meter with different features (various interconnecting/communication options). Moreover, we created a prototype for 3D capacitive position sensor (PCT patent application).

The main core of outsourcing services consists of a large team of design verification engineers (UVM, System Verilog and e Specman) with IP and x86/arm SoC level verification experience

  • IP level verification expertize:
Experienced in Power management , Fuse and DFX IPs for x64 architecture
OVM/UVM, System Verilog, C/C++, erm, Specman, scripting languages
Write test plans, create/update/integrate verification environments, write monitors, checkers, scoreboard, add and analyze coverage, write and maintain stimulus and tests, debug and fix bugs.

  • Functional Design Verification services SoC level expertize:
IP integration and bringup
Debug and fix verification, test or RTL issues
Power management/ Low power / Power gating/DDR
OVM/UVM skills
Writing testcases, testbenches, random stimulus, sequences, coverage collection and review
Emulator bringup, debug and support